Your go-to for coordinating and automating mobile releases

No more cat-herding, spreadsheets, or steady drip of manual busywork. Runway takes over your release process and makes it more robust, collaborative, and hands-free.

Release on time, and increase confidence in what you’re shipping, with a true picture of feature completeness

Runway intelligently computes and surfaces your progress towards “Feature Complete”, helping you identify and resolve any out-of-sync tickets or code. And, no more missing version labels on tickets - we’ll automatically apply those for you.

Put your releases on autopilot with end-to-end automation and scheduling, so you can focus on real work

Set up a cadence and let Runway do the rest. As long as gates are green along the way, we’ll carry your releases from kickoff to submit to release with no manual intervention.

Manage App Store Connect and Google Play Console in one place, without all the hassle

Runway provides a unified interface for managing everything to do with the app stores, so you don’t have to stay on top of changes on Apple and Google’s whims. And now marketing and design can hop in and update copy and screenshots without bugging engineers.

Build a release process that works for you

Leave the manual checklists in Google Sheets behind and easily create interactive checklists with specific owners that reflect your team’s unique release process.

Make releases collaborative – like they should be

Runway notifies your team of important milestones during your release cycle: release kickoffs, build successes or failures, App Store review statuses, and more.

Improve workflow hygiene

Runway automatically tags your releases and applies missing versions and labels to Jira tickets across projects.

Intervention-free releases

Just set up your release cadence and Runway takes care of the rest, from kickoff to release.

Always in the know

Keep the whole team in-sync with Slack notifications for every important milestone, customized for you.

Runway connects all the dots

We integrate across your team’s existing tools to create a single source of truth for your releases.