Air traffic control for your mobile releases

Put your releases on autopilot and keep the whole team in sync throughout.
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Put your releases on autopilot
Runway will shepherd your releases from kickoff to submission to release, with no manual intervention.
A single source of truth for your releases
Runway integrates with your favorite tools for a bird’s-eye view over release progress and blockers.
Make your releases collaborative
Get a rich, contextualized release runbook that makes capturing responsibilities and tracking tasks crystal clear.

“This is a really cool project. Back when I researched my book, the best advice I could give teams about release trains was… maybe build one yourself? It’s great to see someone now tackling this problem space.”

Gergely Orosz, author of building mobile apps at scale
Timeline and status updates
Never delay a release again
Surface blockers and get the visibility you need to release confidently and on schedule.
Checklists and Slack notification
Eliminate the cat-herding
Create interactive checklists with clear owners and leave Slack reminders to us.
List of automations
👋  goodbye to manual tasks
Automation from kickoff to submit to release saves hours of busywork and “waiting for stuff to finish.”
Connected third-party integrations
No more context switching
We integrate across your entire toolchain so you can see release status in one browser tab instead of 10.
Create a single source of truth for your mobile releases
We integrate seamlessly with your existing toolchain and adapt to your team’s unique workflow
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“With Runway, there’s less confusion and we visibly spend less time on releases. Our engineers tell me their load during sprints in the release manager role has shrunk.”

Sanjay Thakur, mobile lead, classpass