🔀 How to untangle and manage build distribution — Webinar, May 9th — Register
🔀 How to untangle and manage build distribution — Webinar, May 9th — Register

CI/CD + Runway: picking up where pipelines leave off

Your CI/CD does a lot of heavy lifting, but it’s not always clear to the team what exactly it’s doing, and when handoffs need to happen. Runway makes things more transparent and ensures there are no gaps in your team’s workflow.

Build pipelines are only as good as their “before” and “after”

However robust your CI/CD, things quickly grind to a halt if the team isn’t on the same page when new builds arrive. Things also get complicated if coordination around the input to your pipelines — the state of your code work — isn’t up to scratch. By orchestrating across CI/CD and the rest of your toolchain, Runway ensures these handoffs and potential points of friction are non-events.

Runway opens the CI/CD black box

CI/CD can do a lot, but it’s not always clear what it’s up to — and what side effects it’s responsible for. This black box effect causes confusion and wastes time. By “wrapping” your build pipelines, adding context and making things more transparent to the entire team, Runway de-risks CI/CD.
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“We've been working so hard to achieve <highlight>Continuous Deployment for our mobile apps<highlight>, and Runway paved the last mile of that road for us.”


Stop wasting build time (and money) on async tasks

Every second your pipeline spends waiting for some async task to complete is money wasted on build time. CI/CD isn’t a cron scheduler, so it shouldn’t be the one waiting for builds to finish processing in the app store or for symbolication files to become available. Runway can handle all of these async tasks, and you won’t be charged by the minute.

Lighter-weight and more maintainable CI/CD

Building out and maintaining over-featured CI/CD pipelines is a big drain on your team: it requires specialists devoting time to tooling, instead of creating value in the product. By taking over all the CI/CD “nice-to-haves”, Runway allows your team to focus on just the fundamentals and stem the drain.

CI/CD + Runway integration highlights

Plug & play with your existing workflows and build strategies

Runway can be configured to work with your team’s unique setup, accommodating build flavors across multiple workflows, built from different branches, or split into separate bundles in the app stores.

Help the entire team track down that particular build they need

By intelligently layering build info on top of data from the code and project management sides, Runway gives your entire team – engineers, PMs, QA, and beyond – a shortcut to find the build that contains the piece of work they need to check out.

Integration is easy, with no lock‑in

You can connect your CI/CD in just a few clicks – and if you ever change CI provider, getting things moved over is just as easy. With Runway, your build machines don’t need to define the rest of your tooling and process.

Release better with Runway.

Runway integrates with all the tools you’re already using to level-up your release coordination and automation, from kickoff to release to rollout. No more cat-herding, spreadsheets, or steady drip of manual busywork.