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🔀 How to untangle and manage build distribution — Webinar, May 16th — Register

Monitoring + Runway: less noisy and more actionable signals on release health

It’s hard to run rollouts confidently when your team has to track signals across multiple different tools and somehow synthesize those into a cohesive picture of release health. Runway pulls everything into one place and performs the mental math for you, so you can release confidently and with less monitoring overhead.

Increase release confidence, without all the overhead

Managing rollouts is a delicate, manual process: continuously monitoring signals across multiple tools, digesting key metrics, and making calls on whether to proceed or halt. Runway allows you to run rollouts more confidently and with less cognitive load, by pulling all the signals you care about into one place and flagging problem areas.

Automate rollouts based on release health

Inevitably, balls get dropped and bad rollouts that should be halted are left running for longer than intended. Runway can prevent this: based on acceptable thresholds that you define, Runway will automatically halt an unhealthy rollout for you. Conversely, if you want to accelerate the rollout of a healthy release, Runway can handle that as well.

Runway connects the dots to help you hunt down root causes

Triaging new stability issues takes time and determination, with investigations that span many tools and many team members. To get you from “problem” to “problem solved” more quickly and with less disruption, Runway intelligently finds the work item that’s to blame and surfaces important context, like its author and the relevant diff, all in one place.

Shift left, with pre-prod monitoring that isn’t an afterthought

Too often, internal and beta testing programs don’t get the same level of attention as production when it comes to monitoring. In Runway, pre-prod steps are treated equally and monitoring functionality exists in parity, so you’re better equipped to catch issues before they have a chance to make it out to your wider user base.

Monitoring + Runway integration highlights

Integration is easy and configuration minimal

Drop in an API key, specify the environments you care about, and let Runway do the rest. We’ll automatically pull the right signals into the right releases.

Every measure of release health, all in one place

Runway pulls together all the signals you care about, from crash rates to conversion rates, in order to give you a crystal clear picture of release health. No cycling between browser tabs or mental math required.

Track release health over time, and across apps

Runway surfaces the distilled picture of release health both over time and across all the apps your team ships, helping you track trends and keep tabs on your overall mobile practice.

Release better with Runway.

Runway integrates with all the tools you’re already using to level-up your release coordination and automation, from kickoff to release to rollout. No more cat-herding, spreadsheets, or steady drip of manual busywork.