🔀 How to untangle and manage build distribution — Webinar, May 16th — Register
🔀 How to untangle and manage build distribution — Webinar, May 16th — Register

Chaos-free mobile release management.

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The only mobile release management platform.

With Runway there are no more custom scripts to maintain, checklists to write, Slack commotion to monitor, or existential dread to manage when it’s your turn to run a release. Join thousands of mobile engineers who rely on Runway to handle release coordination and busywork so they can focus on building great apps.
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Manage your entire mobile release cycle from one place.

Runway’s unified mobile release dashboard provides a single source of truth for your whole team.

They build it. We ship it.
Great teams trust Runway.

Runway is built by mobile engineers for mobile engineers (and their teams).

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A true single 
source of truth.

Runway provides visibility into and across your entire release cycle. 

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Release on autopilot

Tasks that used to require hours of tedious tasks now take minutes as your releases just… happen

Ship with confidence.

If anything goes wrong, Runway can catch it and take action before you even know it happened. 

Ship with confidence
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Keep everyone informed.

You’ll never again have to answer the question “What’s the status of the release?”  

Build features instead of fastlane scripts.

Friends don’t let friends write Ruby. With Runway’s customizable, comprehensive toolset, you can build great apps instead of tinkering with scripting.
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First-class integrations.

Runway sits across all the tools in your stack, acting as a control center to run the entire release cycle. Once you connect your toolchain, Runway does the rest, understanding and adapting to your team’s unique, existing workflow.


Automations so thorough, anyone can run a release.

From branch cuts and version bumps to ticket labeling to releases and rollouts — Runway automates away the steady drip of overhead and context‑switching.
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"I couldn’t go back to doing releases by  hand. I’m too spoiled at this point."
Shai Mishali
Senior iOS Tech Lead
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Complete visibility into every step of the release.

Runway pulls in and intelligently reconciles code, tickets, and builds to give your team a complete picture of the work that’s shipping — or expected to ship — with each and every upcoming release.
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“Runway is especially powerful because it gives us one place to get a complete,  consistent picture of the health of each release for all our teams.”
Cleumir Souza
Senior Software Engineer
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Hassle free build distribution.

Seamlessly share WIP builds as early and as often as you want, with whomever you want — non-engineers included — using branch-based or dedicated personal buckets for everyone on the team.
If we didn’t have Runway, I guess I would
quit. (Joking!) But seriously, we’d be back to desperately needing to figure out a way to 
fix things ourselves. We’d be in trouble.”
Sergio linares
Senior ANDROID Engineer


The full picture of release health

Monitor the health of a live release, and halt or accelerate rollouts – or even roll back your release – based on stability, user behavior, feedback, and other fully customizable thresholds that you define.  Never stress over a rollout again.
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Mobile releases, solved.

Runway frees-up bandwidth for Gusto’s mobile team, and improves collaboration org-wide

Runway has been super, super impactful. It is amazing. My Runway ‘aha’ moment was the day I realized, ‘Oh wow, this release will happen and I don't even have to think about it.

Kamilah Taylor
Head of Financial Products Engineering