Google Play + Runway: a more intuitive and automated way to deploy for Android

Context-switching in and out of Play Console costs your team time and unnecessary headache. Runway abstracts away the hidden (and not-so-hidden) pain by automating routine tasks and pulling key steps out into a unified dashboard, alongside the rest of your stack.

For routine releases, don’t set foot in Play Console

Play Console isn’t the most streamlined of tools, and having to context-switch into it throughout releases is an added drain on the team. With Runway, you can manage everything you need to do in Play Console – either manually, or automated – all in one place, and with helpful context alongside.

Staged rollouts, without daily hand‑holding

The daily grind of hopping into Play Console to edit a number in a text box, multiple times for each and every release, represents more wasted time than you might realize. Runway’s automated, customizable staged rollouts ensure you can control incremental releases exactly how you want, without extra overhead costing your team.

Stop giving everyone and their dog Play Console access

Provisioning access for everyone who touches Play Console is a headache, and it adds unnecessary risk. With Runway’s access controls, individuals on your team can be given the ability to do what they need to do when it comes to Play Console, all within Runway and in a scoped way.

An easier way to wrangle tracks

Making sense of which APKs or AABs are on what tracks can be difficult, and moving builds across tracks during release cycles is a repetitive, manual chore. Runway’s automations help move your RCs seamlessly from alpha to beta to prod, and the intuitive interface and linkages with your CI builds make it crystal clear exactly what builds belong where (and when).

Play Console + Runway integration highlights

Integration is easy and secure

Runway’s docs help walk you through setup on the Play Console side. And once you’re integrated, granular scoping via a Google service account ensures access is secure and control stays in your team’s hands.

Fully customizable, automated staged rollouts

Not only can you automate your Android staged rollouts with Runway, but you can so on your team’s desired schedule. Set the number of days and rollout percentage for each, and let Runway do the rest.

More context for your rollouts

What you see in Play Console is never the full picture. By integrating across your stack and presenting key info from each tool, Runway allows you to be more confident in executing your rollouts.

Release better with Runway.

Runway integrates with all the tools you’re already using to level-up your release coordination and automation, from kickoff to submission to release. No more cat-herding, spreadsheets, or steady drip of manual busywork.
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