Automatically pause unstable phased releases

Runway can now monitor the stability of your releases and automatically pause a phased release or staged rollout if the stability of the update falls below your defined threshold.

Animation showing configuration of an automation in Runway that automatically pauses unstable phased releases.

Just define an acceptable delta value relative to your app’s average session stability, and rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong, Runway will notify you and pause the rollout before any more of your users receive the buggy update.

Automatically accelerate stable phased releases

We know how important it is to get updates out to all of your users as quickly as possible – but only once your team is confident that the update is stable. Now, Runway can automatically accelerate your rollouts to 100% of users if the stability of the update stays above your app’s average session stability, and only once adoption hits a minimum percentage you define.

Animation showing configuration of an automation that accelerates stable phased releases to 100% in Runway

Improved hotfix flow

We know everyone’s goal is to avoid hotfixes entirely. But when you do need to do one, you want it to happen fast. We designed a quicker flow for preparing hotfix releases so you can get critical fixes out the door faster and with more confidence.

Animation showing improved hotfix creation flow in Runway

You can start a hotfix using the "Prepare new" dropdown on the main releases timeline. Runway will create the new release and immediately kick it off by cutting a hotfix branch from your live release’s tag and bumping the version on that branch.

Past releases on app Overview

Previously, the app Overview screen only displayed your live, next, and upcoming releases. Now, you can see a complete list of your past releases, along with reviews, stability information and key dates associated with each release.

Animation showing scrolling through past releases from the App overview page in Runway