🔀 How to untangle and manage build distribution — Webinar, May 16th — Register
🔀 How to untangle and manage build distribution — Webinar, May 16th — Register

Easier signoffs, less to do in the app stores, plus new automations and integrations

Collaborate and build consensus even more easily with assignable signoffs and automatic reminders

Many teams rely on Runway’s regression, approval, and checklist items to structure and track the many tasks and signoffs needed throughout dev and release cycles. Now, you can build an even clearer ownership model around these items by assigning them to individual owners.

You can assign items to any individual on your team, or to multiple team members at once – a great way to build shared ownership across distributed product- or feature-based squads. Separately, if you’ve assigned the Release Pilot role, that will now map to the specific person who’s the active Pilot for the release in question.

Assigning important tasks to folks is one thing – actually getting them to take care of those tasks is another. Runway’s new checklist item reminders help you avoid the usual chasing-down and cat-herding.

As your target submission and release dates approach, Runway will proactively send notifications into Slack reminding the owners of any pending tasks to complete them. If needed, you can also manually ping owners of specific items or trigger reminders for all incomplete items, right from Runway.

Spend even less time in App Store Connect and Play Console, with screenshots and more metadata now handled in Runway

Since the beginning, one of the core aims of Runway has been to keep teams from ever needing to set foot in App Store Connect or Google Play Console.

Recent additions to Runway’s Metadata and Screenshots steps help make that possible in even more situations: you can now update your app’s screenshots, along with keywords on iOS and your app’s short description on Android.

Offload all of your user management for the app stores

We’ve heard from many of you that keeping users up to date in App Store Connect and Google Play Console as team members come and go can be a huge time sink. So, we’re excited to introduce Runway’s new user sync automation. With the automation enabled, we’ll sync your team members from Runway to App Store Connect and Google Play Console as needed: inviting new team members, with the appropriate roles assigned, and removing access when team members leave your org.

(Available on the Runway Pro plan and above)

Keep closer tabs on quality, mobile org performance and maturity

We’re continuing to expand the types of stats and metrics you can keep tabs on with Runway, to help your team better understand how your app’s quality, performance, and process maturity are tracking from release to release.

One new addition on the iOS side is the ability to track how your app’s bundle size changes over time. And for both iOS and Android, see average user rating per release. 

At the app and org levels, you’ll notice that insights on hotfixes are now surfaced, both total counts and average numbers of hotfixes your team is needing to ship per regular release. 

More options for beta distribution, with our new App Center Distribute integration

If you’re using App Center to distribute beta or other pre-prod builds to testers, you can now hook that up to the beta testing step in Runway. Easily update release notes, distribute new builds to your preferred testing groups, and keep tabs on the latest available builds side-by-side with the rest of your release process in Runway.