🔀 How to untangle and manage build distribution — Webinar, May 16th — Register
🔀 How to untangle and manage build distribution — Webinar, May 16th — Register

New high-level insights and stability issue root-cause associations.

Improve your release practice with release insights

Get a better understanding of how things are tracking throughout your release cycles and identify any areas that could use extra attention or improvement with release insights. Runway collects a whole range of statistics over the course of each release, and now we’re aggregating and surfacing that relevant data in a number of ways.

Release overview

At the top of the release timeline, you’ll now find the Release overview page. Here, you can see a number of important high-level statistics about your release broken out into different sections. The specific data surfaced depends on whether the release has already been completed or is still in progress, ensuring what you see stays contextually relevant. Some examples include:

  • The number of items of work that went into the release
  • The top contributing product teams for the release
  • The total number of commits in the release
  • The top code contributors for the release
  • The top files changed in the release
  • Timing info: cycle duration, average build times, review times, and more
Animation showing scrolling through the Release overview page for a release in Runway

Many statistics on the page also surface a “Change” value, representing the difference in this stat between the current release and a historical average across previous releases. Looking at changes is a great way to pinpoint areas of your team’s release process that perhaps need special attention or could use improvements.

Organization overview

The Organization overview page zooms out and looks at release stats in aggregate for your apps and your whole organization. Here, you can view statistical averages and associated trends, at the level of granularity that makes the most sense for your organization. This is a great way to keep tabs on the bigger picture, and it provides a new level of visibility both for your immediate team and for other stakeholders. 

Animation showing scrolling through the Organization overview page in Runway

Be sure to keep an eye on these new Release and Organization overviews – we’ll continue to add more insightful stats that can help your team gain a better understanding of how your releases are tracking over time and where improvements could be made. Have a specific statistic you’d like to see surfaced in these views? Don’t be shy – let us know!

Track down bugs more seamlessly with stability issue root-cause associations

Runway will now analyze new stability issues in each release and match them with suspect commits to help you more quickly identify their root cause and speed up triaging!

When Runway detects one or more potentially suspect commits for a new stability issue, you’ll see a special icon next to it in the list of top issues for the release. Clicking on that issue opens a new drawer, with a list of commits that Runway flagged as potential culprits.

Animation showing navigating to stability issue root-cause associations for top issues for a release in Runway

Additionally, Runway will highlight any work items in the Feature Readiness step that contain code that has been flagged as suspect. Clicking into the work item’s drawer, you’ll now find a stability issues section which lists any issues that were linked to the work item.

Screenshot showing information about suspect code associated with an item of work in Runway

Finally, a new stability issues filter on the Feature Readiness step will let you quickly find all suspect work items that have been linked to one or more specific stability issues.