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Revamped ‘Kickoff’

We recognize that planning for future releases is a key part of a good release process. That’s why we’ve reimagined the ‘Kickoff’ step to surface more of the important details of an upcoming release, and to give your team more flexibility to make changes as needed.

Check out some of the new features we’ve added to the Kickoff step:

Scheduling: Now, you can easily see target kickoff and release dates for a given version. If you set target dates, Runway will send your team a Slack notification before key dates as a reminder.

Edit release settings: You can also modify the details of your release, like release type (major, minor, point), release pilot, and target dates.

Release description: Add some notes or information to help you plan your release.

Create release branch: If your team uses release branches, you can now create the release branch directly from the Kickoff step. Soon, Runway will be able to automatically cut your release branch on the target kickoff date.

If you’re looking for checklist items, they have a new home up on the top right of each step: