Introducing Rollouts by Runway: a complete picture of release health, and conditional rollout automations

We’ve hinted at it in a previous update, but we’re super excited to finally announce the launch of Rollouts, a new part of the Runway platform that helps your team run rollouts with less context-switching and more confidence! 🚀

Rollouts allows your team to easily keep tabs on release health in just one place instead of many, alerts you whenever configured metrics become unhealthy, and safeguards release health by automatically halting rollouts based on thresholds you define. (You can automatically accelerate healthy rollouts, too!)

Read on for all the highlights, then hop into Runway to try Rollouts for yourself!

🗺 The only complete picture of release health

Rollouts integrates with the mix of different tools you use to measure app health – crash reporting, observability & product analytics, the app stores (for per-version user ratings) – to create a single source of truth and unified dashboard that gives your team a holistic and instantly understandable view of release health at a glance. No more context-switching, no more mental overhead, and no more bugging other folks on the team to dig up and interpret data for you.

🌡 You define exactly what “healthy” means for your team

Across all tools and every metric, you can configure granular thresholds that together define what “healthy” looks like for your team. Runway will surface a crystal clear view of how each release is tracking relative to that definition. With expectations around health codified this way, there’s no room for ambiguity or hand-waving when it comes to your team’s standards for quality of the product you’re shipping.

🚨 Avoid blind spots and delays with instant alerting 

The moment any of your configured metrics become unhealthy during a rollout, Runway will alert your team, in specific channels of your choosing and with full context on which metrics are problematic. You can be confident that no bad trends will go unnoticed – and that they can be acted on more quickly.

🛑 Automatically halt unhealthy rollouts

Building on the custom thresholds you define, Runway can automatically halt unhealthy releases. With this automation enabled, if certain metrics of your choosing fall afoul of your acceptable thresholds during a rollout, Runway will automatically stop the rollout and alert your team. This prevents delays and human error, saving you from the negative consequences of a bad release making it out to even more users.

(Available on the Runway Pro plan and above. Existing Runway Growth customers are eligible for a free 90 day trial of this feature.)

💨 Automatically accelerate healthy rollouts

If all of your metrics are looking good and your rollout has reached a minimum number of users you define, Runway can also accelerate things and release to all users immediately. Getting a good release out to all users more quickly can be just as impactful as halting a bad release!

(Available on the Runway Pro plan and above. Existing Runway Growth customers are eligible for a free 90 day trial of this feature.)