🔀 How to untangle and manage build distribution — Webinar, May 16th — Register
🔀 How to untangle and manage build distribution — Webinar, May 16th — Register

Self service, automatic dSYM handling, and Firebase integration

Self-service account creation

Now, new team members can create their own accounts on Runway! And, as long as their email domain matches one of the allowed domains associated with your organization, they’ll automatically be added to your Runway org. Sign in with Google and GitHub are also now available, helping you onboard even more smoothly. Note that if you have SSO/SAML configured, your new team members should continue signing up via that flow.

Firebase stability monitoring integration

We know many teams are using Firebase for crash reporting (RIP Crashlytics), so we’re excited to announce that we’ve finally added it as another one of our stability monitoring integrations in Runway! Google certainly doesn’t make things easy, since there’s no API, but it turns out a combination of BigQuery exports and Firebase Analytics data makes an integration possible. To guide you through setup, we've created detailed Firebase setup documentation.

Screenshot showing stability monitoring information from Firebase within Runway

Automatic dSYM download & upload

Say goodbye to the annoying dSYM download/upload dance! Runway can now automatically download dSYMs for all builds sent to App Store Connect and then upload those dSYMs to your stability monitoring platform. Currently available for our Sentry and Bugsnag integrations – we hope to add Firebase support soon.

Screenshot showing the status of dSYMs uploaded to Sentry by Runway

Invite your team via email

To make the process of adding new team members even easier, you can now invite any number of people to join your organization in Runway. Each person will receive an email invite and will be immediately added to your org.

Animation showing a flow of inviting teammates to Runway


Although we do truly love interacting directly with you all and talking through questions and answers over Slack, we finally put together some documentation which should help address the most common questions and areas of confusion. Head to https://docs.runway.team and keep an eye out as we update and add to the content there!