Skip App Store Connect / Play Console and release your update directly through Runway

Edit your App Store release settings

Set or update the version release settings of your iOS update from the Submission step. You can continue to edit these settings up until your update is approved by Apple.

Control your phased rollouts

Update the fraction of users your Android update is rolled out to. You can also pause, resume, or complete a phased rollout for both iOS and Android directly from the Release step.

Release your approved iOS update through Runway

If your iOS update needs to be manually released, you can now do that directly from the Release step.

Feature Readiness item info tooltips

Hover over the info icon on any item in the Feature Readiness step to find out exactly why that item was pulled into this release.

Improved Release Candidate workflow module

We redesigned the Release Candidate step to include more details about the CI workflow which generates your Release Candidate build; like the commit it was run on, and its associated branch.