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Stakeholder approvals & regression test cases are here!

Stakeholder approvals

We’ve made the stakeholder approval process a first class citizen within Runway – simply add items to your approvals list, optionally assign ownership roles, and let your team take it from there. Stakeholders can easily pop into Runway to flag or approve items for the release, and they can also leave comments on items if needed.

If an approval item does have an ownership role associated with it, only users with the appropriate role will be able to update its status. As your team works its way through approvals, everyone can stay on the same page thanks to real-time updates sent to your Slack channel.

Regression test cases

We know some of our teams have been using checklist items as a lightweight regression test scripting tool, so we expanded and formalized this usage by adding the ability to create and run through dedicated regression test cases. They have more relevant statuses (In Progress, Blocked, Failed, and Passed) and can also now be commented on.

Improved schedule rollover logic

We’ve loved seeing our teams using Runway’s release schedule feature to keep their release train moving and on-time. But we also know that off-schedule releases occasionally need to be slotted in, and that that can sometimes throw off the schedule on upcoming releases.

Now, if an unplanned release enters the picture, Runway will automatically shift scheduled dates for upcoming releases, however the situation demands. For example, if a hotfix release is slotted in and delays the next scheduled release, Runway will shift that release’s dates over to the next cycle. If a regular release is slotted in, Runway will automatically apply appropriate target dates to that new release according to your cadence, and shift the following release’s dates.

As a reminder, you can view your release’s target dates in the schedule module accessible at the top of any step.

Automation retries

Previously, Runway would attempt to perform your kickoff, submission and release automations only once; if Runway was unable to execute the automation for any reason, things would end there, and you’d have to proceed manually. Now, Runway will retry these key automations up to five times, and will notify you if things still ended in failure at the end of the retry cycle. You’ll notice a ‘Retrying...’ status on the automations tab if Runway is in the process of retrying your automation.