🔀 How to untangle and manage build distribution — Webinar, May 16th — Register
🔀 How to untangle and manage build distribution — Webinar, May 16th — Register

Upload for distribution, easily share & install builds – plus tvOS, Amazon Appstore, and other new integrations

Eliminate flakiness and save CI credits with automatic build uploads to TestFlight & Play Console

Runway can now take over the upload step of your CI/CD pipeline, automatically grabbing artifacts from CI workflows and sending them to destinations you specify. Not only does this save you precious build minutes, but Runway’s automatic retries help eliminate flakiness and the need to babysit things.

Configuring uploads is easy and flexible: simply select which CI workflows to upload from, point Runway to any specific artifact files to upload (tokenized patterns accepted), and choose particular destinations to upload to. Runway will automatically perform the uploads on each workflow run, retrying failed uploads if needed and optionally notifying your team about the outcome of every upload.

For more details on getting started with the artifact upload automation, head to the Runway docs.

Get builds into your team’s hands hassle-free, with one-click shareable links 

Producing installable builds for testing as part of your CI/CD workflow is the easy(ish) part. Actually getting those builds into your team’s hands, seamlessly and without confusion, can be challenging. Now, you can share foolproof installation links in just one click: right from the Artifacts module of each build in Runway, send a link to teammates in Slack that will allow them to easily install the build onto their own device without any hunting around or extra steps.

Even more ways to ship, with new platforms and integrations

Life isn’t always as simple as Android & iOS, or GitHub & Jira. We know that Runway teams are shipping their products across various different platforms, and using various different tools in the process. Continuing our mission to cater to every flavor of mobile (and mobile-adjacent) team, we recently added support for:

  • Amazon Appstore (app store integration)
  • Firebase App Distribution (beta integration)
  • Monday.com (project management integration)
  • tvOS (platform type)