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Bump version

We know that bumping your version in code is a manual “to-do” for many teams, and it can be an annoying and error-prone task. So, we made it as simple as the click of a button in the Kickoff step. Runway will automatically increment the version in the right files, and open a PR with the changes against your working branch. 


Verifying that screenshots are up-to-date previously meant navigating away into App Store Connect or the Play Console before coming back to Runway to approve the step. Now, Runway automatically pulls in your screenshots on both the iOS and Android sides, so you can make sure everything looks good to go right from within Runway.

Build artifacts

Artifacts produced during the CI/CD build process, like crash symbols or even binaries, are now available within Runway’s workflow modules.

Additionally, Runway now appends links to build artifacts in select build-related Slack notifications, giving your whole team an easy and quick way to grab RC builds as they become available.

Lastly, Runway will include final build artifacts as part of your GitHub or GitLab release records, ensuring your team can always access historical artifacts over time.

Note that build artifacts are currently supported for GitHub Actions and Bitrise. Support for CircleCI, GitLab CI, and Jenkins will follow soon!